BSBIOS and ALTA united by aviation biofuel – SAF

by Erasmo Carlos Battistella

The Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA) celebrated this Wednesday (15/06) the arrival of BSBIOS as its new affiliate. Our company and the airline industry share the same goal of decarbonizing the planet, as I already highlighted in the article “Aviation biofuel SAF is already a priority topic on the agenda of large airlines”, in my blog Advanced Biofuel.

It is a source of great pride for us to be part of such a representative entity in the aviation sector. I am confident that this partnership is green and sustainable and will join forces in the region to accelerate investments in advanced biofuels and to build a common single policy strategy for AFS production across Latin America. We want to work in cooperation with the airline industry, which can benefit, in addition to SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuels), HVO (green diesel) and other biofuels in the companies’ ground actions.

According to information from the airline industry, 65% of the net zero goal should come from the use of SAF.

José Ricardo Botelho, CEO and Executive Director of ALTA, highlighted that “Brazil is a pioneer in Latin America in relation to the production of biofuels and BSBIOS leads investment in what will be the first SAF biorefinery in the Southern Hemisphere. The company has been one of the protagonists in this sector and having it as one of our members is a great satisfaction for the Association. Our challenge is for Latin America and the Caribbean to develop an SAF production industry to expand its availability in the region, and for airlines to be able to more quickly achieve the established environmental objectives, creating jobs and opportunities for more people in the region.”

BSBIOS joining ALTA generates opportunities for collaborative work with airlines and countries so that the region can achieve its decarbonization goals. Several countries in the region are already working on initiatives to improve their legal frameworks for producing or importing SAF at first. Highlights include initiatives in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia.

The Latin American and Caribbean aviation industry is taking firm steps to meet its environmental commitments and ALTA is focused on working with countries to generate the conditions necessary to achieve these goals. The experience and work of BSBIOS will be of great value to the discussions promoted by ALTA.

Brazil’s position on this SAF theme is fundamental because the country is responsible for 50% of air transport in the region. Therefore, we need to create a robust regulatory framework, with the organization of how the country will use aviation biokerosene, and that guarantees investment security and the minimum percentage of mixture. However, this initiative must be an integrated action with the entire Latin American continent.

The demand for SAF is already knocking on our door and we need a quick and consistent response to accelerate this sustainability path.

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Raul Torres 16 de June de 2022 - 12:22

ALTA celebro la llegada de SBBIOS como nueva afiliada.Adelante con la produccion y uso de SAF complementando el empleo de los otros combustibles a nivel terrestre principalmente.Gran esfuerzo y avance.FELICITACIONES Y GRACIAS.

Raul Torres 16 de June de 2022 - 12:29

Gran esfuerzo y avance.FELICITACIONES Y GRACIAS.


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