Paraguay stands out as na investment option in Latin America

by Erasmo Carlos Battistella

Paraguay was featured in the English magazine LatAm Investor, which specializes in analyzing investment potential in the Latin American region. The country is placing itself as a regional option to receive international investors and industrial, agribusiness and infrastructure projects.

According to editor James McKeigue, Paraguay has a young population, renewable sources, low energy costs and a rapid diversification of the basket of exported items, but now it seeks international capital and knowledge to take its economy to a new level.

Many of these aspects have already been highlighted in the post “In Paraguay, we are building a strategic alliance” on this blog. The publication clarifies in detail each of the points that reinforce this positive analysis. These factors have already boosted or developed an auto parts industry, which will generate US $ 600 million in sales per year.

I am very proud to lead the $ 800 million investment in the Omega Green plant (read more in “Omega Green: innovative fuel for sustainable Mobility”) and to be part of Paraguay’s ambitious plan to become one of the world leaders in production advanced biofuels.

I invite readers of this blog to visit page 22 of the edition (complete file at the link below), which published the article “A Green Future”, reproducing my interview about the Omega Green project.

Click here and see a complete edition.

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